Today's leading patient engagement platform, connecting patients to the services and people who matter most.


Patient on Phone

Digital and video services brought to the bedside or wherever else your patients need them

The best-in-class ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ platform puts digital services at your patients' fingertips across the entire care continuum – from the home to the clinic to the hospital and post-acute venues. What's more, our easily configurable ExtendedCare Telehealth™ solution – powered by dual video networks from Cisco and Twilio for enhanced resilience and reliability – is embedded directly in the platform!

Urgent Care Software

Urgent Care

Connect patients with in-hospital and remote providers, family, and friends.



Remote rounding, remote monitoring, educational videos, and more for isolated and quarantined patients.


Telehealth Built-In

Empowers faster, more efficient care such as safely accelerating the discharge process.


ExtendedCare Patient Engagement: 24/7 communication between you and your patients

With the ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ platform, you can seamlessly coordinate access, scheduling, treatment plans, hygiene, and more across any venue, anywhere.  You can provide services remotely to patients using the complete feature set of the industry-leading ExtendedCare Telehealth™ solution. The goal is to ensure continuous communication between your most vulnerable patients and the departments – both in-hospital and remote – serving them.

  • Robust full-featured platform with industry’s broadest selection of services for both in-hospital and remote care
  • Easily aggregates dozens of health system and other outside (third party) services into a single interface that provides patients with a friendly, convenient engagement tool across their entire care journey
  • Provides patients with secure, shared access to personalized medical content, schedules, treatment and diagnostics, entertainment, educational videos, nutrition, language services, etc. – at home, at clinics, in hospitals, at the bedside
  • Drives improved care delivery, new clinical efficiencies, and automated workflows for care teams – the power of technology to unleash the true potential of care
  • Accessible via bedside monitors/TVs, mobile devices like smartphones and laptops, Cisco endpoints (video consoles), even kiosks – so virtually no matter where your patients are, you can be there, too

A healthier patient experience

Our in-hospital ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ digital communications services are helping transform the patient experience and improve clinical outcomes at Parkland Hospital in Dallas County, Texas.
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Deliver connection and improve outcomes

In isolation and quarantine, patients may succumb to feelings of abandonment. Uncertainty about the future. Detachment from the world or loved ones.

So give them the antidotes. Whether it’s educational content, real-time care team collaboration, ongoing medical updates, video calls, or just the latest movies and entertainment – give them an experience that will improve the care journey and offer them the best possible chance of recovery.