New connections. Seamless workflows. It's all here for your care team to deliver a great experience.
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More productivity for
you and your team

So you’re free to focus on delivering better care, faster.

Wow your patients

Patient expectations are higher than ever as on-demand, personalized services sprout up in every corner of daily life.

Meet and exceed those expectations with interactive waiting room content, pre-arrival chat, multi-party visits, and richer, more transparent information relevant to their care journey.

Your patients will appreciate the new experience, and they’ll thank you for it right from the comfort of their own home. And who knows — maybe that’s where you’ll be, too.

Do more. Do it better.

ExtendedCare gives you options to work productively without ever leaving the app.

Add Providers

Add other providers on the fly


Annotate images in real time

Save to EMR

Save files straight to EMR


Care without boundaries

Whether it’s instantly adding other specialists to a visit, connecting patients to loved ones, or saving annotated images directly to an EMR, we’ve cracked the technology to help you bring people together and deliver better care, faster. Welcome to the new normal.

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