Telehealth meets configurability. You control the technology, not the other way around.
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Define what you want

Per facility. Per department. Per provider. Per room. Per patient. Per visit.

Easily configured. Rapidly deployed. Broadly adopted.

Looking for software that easily integrates with your infrastructure, and can swiftly adjust to the needs of your caregivers and patients?

We know how hard it is to get all teams in a health system on board with one solution. So we built one that can be configured on a granular level and rapidly scaled to keep pace with your growing operations. With powerful controls to customize the telehealth experience for your users.

And we won’t get in the way of your existing infrastructure — we’ll enhance it with swift EMR integrations and Cisco-backed security. We’ve put a lot of thought into connecting medical systems with communications technology so that you and your IT team can be heroes—again.


Click-and-go telehealth, with the granular controls you'd expect from a leader.


Configure features per user

Self Test

Triage patients with self-tests

Assign Devices

Assign available devices


New insights to step up your game

Check your organization’s usage stats with real-time Encounter Reports. Stay on top of the system with Audit Reports. Confirm who is having trouble connecting to a visit before it starts with Self-tests.

Awareness is the first step in knowing what needs improvement across the telehealth program. Then you need the flexibility to make configurable changes on the fly. ExtendedCare Telehealth™ gives you both.

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