Care journeys are being reinvented. Put your patients on the path to personalized, convenient care. Better outcomes.

Patient engagement my way

Be an active participant in your own fluid,
personalized healthcare experience

With you – wherever you are across the entire care continuum

Traditionally, the care journey for most patients has been disconnected. The minute they leave a clinic or hospital, communication stops and doesn’t pick up again until they return to the physical site of care.

We keep you connected at home, in the hospital, and across other key care venues. With the ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ and ExtendedCare Telehealth™ solutions, you get care without boundaries and ongoing access to your caregivers no matter where you – or they – are located.  This unparalleled flexibility creates unparalleled opportunities to share an ongoing dialog about your health, generating possibilities for better outcomes.

A go-to app that gets your care journey

Personalized, clinically-relevant telehealth that goes beyond mere remote visits.

Educational Videos

Learn with educational videos

Family Telehealth at Home

Add family on the fly


Use surveys to tell your story


Care you control

We’re all accustomed to the digital delivery of services in many areas of our lives. Why should it be any different with healthcare?

Like you, we expect more. So we made telehealth that’s always just a few clicks away. Enjoy control over waiting room content, adding participants to a visit, and the sharing of information the same way you do with any app — only more secure.

“Smooth as always — see you next month!”



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