Collaborating with today's health systems to leverage the strategic value of patient engagement.

Shaping the future of care

Our global ecosystem of customers ranges in size and shape, location, and patient population. Together, we’re enhancing the value of telehealth and patient engagement not as tactical tools, but as core strategic initiatives that are reshaping the landscape of healthcare.

We’re proud to be collaborating with these industry leaders and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of virtual and bedside care.

Queen’s Health Systems Case Study

Learn how the ExtendedCare and Cloudbreak partnership brought Queen’s Health Systems care home with telehealth and language access.
Queen's Health Systems

Connecting patients and providers across large geographic regions



This Middle Eastern health system needed to implement telehealth quickly and efficiently across its network of remote clinics stretching across a broad geographic region. Patients at these clinics needed to join scheduled virtual visits with their providers all within the EMR/EHR. The health system wanted to ensure a secure, virtual interaction with a physician from the comfort of the patient’s own home, while adhering to the data sovereignty regulations for the region. Patients needed to be able to easily schedule video-visit appointments with the provider of their choice directly from the patient portal.



ExtendedCare Telehealth™ is delivering a reliable, high-quality solution that augments the existing Cisco technology infrastructure and integrates seamlessly into the EMR/EHR.  It is an on-premise solution aligned with the system’s requirements.  Video-visits are now being enabled and supported for primary care and specialty services to more than 100 providers – and growing.

Leveraging telehealth as a strategic initiative



This leading U.S. health system was seeking to streamline and consolidate a strategy for telehealth across the entire care ecosystem.  The telehealth solution had to be easy-to-use for both patients and providers while also being feature-rich – a tricky balance to achieve.



The system rolled out ExtendedCare Telehealth™ to several departments, fully integrated with the EMR/EHR to support scheduled and on-demand video-visits with providers that work both in-clinic and remotely. The solution is 100% cloud-based for rapid deployment and seamless scalability. The health system is meeting the exponential increase in demand for telehealth since the start of COVID-19, and is expanding the service to additional departments on a weekly basis. They’ve enhanced their technology portfolio while decreasing time-to-market for new workflows that align with new departmental needs.

A boutique approach to deployment yields big results



This nationally-recognized U.S. health system had a unique challenge. They wanted to expand the 24/7 services of their tele-triage nurse phone line to include new, on-demand emergency telehealth video consultations with physicians. This evolution from phone to video services required a customized approach to designing and integrating telehealth into the system’s existing workflow.



ExtendedCare Telehealth™ delivered a Cisco contact center (Cisco Finesse) integrated solution allowing the telephone triage team to escalate patient calls, as needed, to include doctors and caregivers in virtual video visits. These additional telehealth visits are seamlessly launched within the EMR/EHR so clinicians never have to leave the medical system.

Providing the specialty care that patients need



This major U.S. West Coast health system needed a better methodology for delivering specialty care to patients in rural communities. There were too many missed appointments (a high no-show rate) associated with asking patients to visit on-site clinics. The system wanted to allow patients to easily connect with providers from the comfort of their own home, using either their mobile devices or computers. The telehealth experience had to be scheduled and conducted directly from the patient portal. To optimize provider efficiencies, patients had to be able to pre-check connectivity from their devices before joining the video visit.



ExtendedCare Telehealth™ is now rapidly and reliably delivering telehealth to more than 100 clinics across many clinical specialties. New EMR/EHR-based workflows are quickly leveraged via the highly configurable and feature-rich telehealth platform. Patients can use “self test” to confirm they have a solid network connection. Providers are notified that the patient has a confirmed connection before they join the patient on the call, improving efficiency and the overall telehealth experience.


Parkland: The Power of Patient Engagement

What does the hospital of the future look like? Check out the Parkland Hospital System in Dallas County, Texas. Its 2.5 million square foot campus offers state-of-the-art medical services backed by a peerless technology infrastructure that is demonstrably improving the delivery and value of care. Featuring the ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ solution at every one of its 800+ beds.
Parkland Case Study Cover