A delivery model that's redefining the quality and economics of care.

The new normal

Bridging the gap between medical systems and communications technology.

Why you should care:

Improving Outcomes

Improved outcomes

Patients get secure, real-time access to the right care at the right time without logistical roadblocks or delays related to venue, travel, or other operational issues. Seamless, fast delivery of care. Clinical efficiencies and operational productivity. Better overall outcomes. Just what the doctor ordered.


Digitized workflows

Rather than creating additional cycles that complicate workflows, we make it easier for clinicians to accomplish more within a single telehealth visit. Such as adding and storing content directly into medical files. Annotating X-rays and other important images. Adding remote colleagues without interrupting the call. All directly from within the app.

Healthier Economics

Healthier financials

A better care experience can mean reduced admission rates. Better patient loyalty and retention. You might even see higher HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey scores, resulting in better Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement. It can add up to better economics at a time when COVID-19 is putting enormous pressure on health systems worldwide.