COVID-19. Instant communication. On-demand technology. Remote work. Patient expectations. There's no other way to put it: care delivery is changing rapidly. To meet the growing demands for personalized patient engagement, you need telehealth that can grow with you as your operations mature.


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What does successful telehealth look like?

Faster delivery of care. Better patient outcomes. Healthier financials for healthcare systems under pressure from COVID-19. Seamless integration with digital care environments like the ExtendedCare Patient Engagement™ platform.

That’s how our customers measure the performance and ROI of their telehealth deployments. We help them hit the mark.

Say hello to the future. Available today.

ExtendedCare Telehealth™ connects the care experience, serving patients and clinicians in ways previously unachievable.

Clinical Workflow

Effortlessly connected

Seamlessly integrated with your clinical workflows – you can conduct scheduled and on-demand video appointments without ever leaving the EMR/EHR system.

Improving Outcomes

A new definition of "friendly"

Friendlier waiting rooms, friendlier access for family caregivers, and new friendly clinical controls that simplify the entire experience.

Cloud Collaboration

Powered by a global giant

A cloud-based solution powered by the world's most robust and secure enterprise-class collaboration platform – Cisco Webex.

HD Video

Seeing is believing

A rich and immersive high-definition video experience supporting more productive interactions for more productive outcomes – purpose-built for healthcare.

Any Device

Available any way you want it

Any device, anywhere – web browsers, mobile devices (smart phones, tablets), bedside monitors, Cisco collaboration endpoints and video consoles.

Boutique Approach

Nothing cookie-cutter here

Our "boutique" customer-first approach to deployment offers all the bells and whistles you'd expect – yet with a foundational strength others can only dream of.

Making it personal

Our innovative feature set gives participants what they’ve always wanted – personal control, like inviting additional family caregivers on the fly. Without technology getting in the way.

Options. Choices. Convenience. Control. Whether you’re a patient, clinician, family caregiver, or the IT/Admin behind the scenes – this is what you’ve told us you want. We listened. Then we built.


Our customers are transforming care delivery

Patients love the convenience. Providers love the efficiency.
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