Today's leading provider of patient engagement and telehealth as clinically-integrated, configurable, personalized care experiences.

Connecting the care journey

The innovative spirit behind our enterprise-class solutions is guided by three founding principles:
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1. Telehealth and patient engagement services are more than just video visits or shared data. They offer a care experience that should rival – if not surpass – the highest levels of in-person care.

For patients, it must foster, enhance, and extend the care journey not as an isolated event, but as the new normal in how care is received. For clinicians, it must accelerate and enhance care delivery by being woven into the very fabric of their daily clinical workflows. Patients and clinicians want control over their experience. With innovative features that let them adapt on the fly, such as adding participants, annotating medical files, and uploading those files directly into the EMR/EHR, all within the app. Users want to control the technology, not the other way around.

2. This is a unique opportunity to bridge the traditional gap between medical systems and modern communication technologies.

The history of healthcare technology is full of breakthroughs and advances, but seamless communications is not one of them. Until now.  We envision telehealth and patient engagement at the intersection of medical systems and communication platforms – the bridge that links the two. For example, we offer telehealth powered by the world’s leading video collaboration network; more importantly, we seamlessly integrate this collaboration and communications engine into your health system’s daily medical practices. We think of ourselves as the glue that can connect it together.

3. Enterprise-class telehealth is both global and local.

We believe enterprise-scale telehealth must combine the global power and predictability of a world-class collaborator like Cisco – the world’s leading collaboration infrastructure player – with a “customer first” approach that serves the precise needs of each local health system, its care teams, and its patients. A boutique approach to deployment backed by the rigor, methodology, and reliability of the very best.

Dillon Kane GroupThe DKG Family

Extended Care LLC is a business of the Dillon Kane Group, a Chicago-based group of affiliated enterprise software companies that has been serving diverse industries since 2002. More than 300 Dillon Kane engineers, strategists, and subject matter experts are developing leading-edge enterprise technologies, including connected telehealth and in-hospital solutions that enhance the delivery and value of care.

Originally developed by Cisco, ExtendedCare’s best-in-class telehealth and patient engagement solutions reflect extensive investment over the past decade to address the needs of healthcare institutions. We invite you to learn more about our ambitious plans for ExtendedCare’s best-in-class offerings. We look forward to sharing our vision with you.