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An engaging, personalized experience that rewards patients for their participation.


Patients can easily confirm device connection quality ahead of a virtual visit. Providers are notified in advance that all is well and the visit is a "go." If there are issues, patients can be automatically directed to the help desk. Self-test is the key to reducing dropped connections, creating assurance that a visit will be successful, and keeping your care team focused on what's working.

Videos in waiting room

No more sitting in monotone waiting rooms, leafing through old magazines and listening to Muzak. Instead, educational videos, alerts, and other relevant content turn the digital waiting room into a productive experience. Inform your patients about an upcoming appointment, treatment, or condition – anything that helps them progress along their care journey.

Waiting room chat

Patients can easily connect with care teams before a visit. You can chat directly from the waiting room, posing questions, sharing media, and getting important answers before the clinician arrives.

HD video and Cisco Endpoints

When you use Cisco video consoles and endpoints, the video experience reaches a new level of precision and quality. Immersive, high-definition video is available room to room, clinic to clinic, ward to ward. And with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, your care team can capture a level of detail that puts even webcams to shame.

Add participants

Multiparty sessions have never been simpler. Adding friends, family, and other remote caregivers to a live video visit is just a click away. No delays – you can invite and bring them into the conversation instantly. This is the kind of digital world your patients are coming to expect.

Take a local snapshot

Sharing high-fidelity photos with your participants is fast and easy. Take a photo with any device and send it to chat with ease. For example, take a close-up of skin rashes or other issues and get them to the clinicians who can help.

Pre-visit consent forms

No more thumbing through stacks of paper on a clipboard. Now, patients can review consent forms and sign them electronically as they join a visit. That's one less hassle, and one more reason patients will appreciate a smoother care experience.

Post-visit surveys

Post-visit surveys, built right into the app, make it easy for patients to leave a review of their experience. Patients can be directed to any survey engine immediately after a visit to share what worked and what might work better in the future. Invaluable insight from the stakeholders who matter most.

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