Keeping your patients connected, informed, and confident of their care – at home, in the hospital, or at other venues.

Urgent Care

Patients have real-time access to care team updates, treatment plans, upcoming procedures, progress reports, and other vital medical content via their bedside monitors or handheld devices. They can connect with clinicians, family caregivers, and other experts with state-of-the-art video consultations. Need translation services such as sign language for the hearing impaired? No problem.


The coronavirus has pushed many hospital facilities to the max. More patients than ever need to be isolated or quarantined. Clinicians must be more agile than ever before while maintaining their own safety. It’s about going digital. Fast.

  • Remote rounding
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Remote triage
  • Telehealth with multi-party video – clinical, family, clergy


Everyone benefits when a patient is discharged quickly and smoothly, no matter how lengthy or complicated their hospital stay. Teledischarge supports a more scheduled and predictable process, with less reliance on all participants being physically available at the patient bedside for the discharge. Clinicians, the care team, and family members can dial into a video appointment with the patient to conduct the discharge seamlessly.

  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction
  • Enhanced efficiencies
  • Better safety for clinicians, especially when serving patients who had been quarantined or isolated
  • Quicker bed turnaround