Serving patients. Safeguarding providers.

Fast deployment. Convenient access.

Enjoy immediate results from a robust, best-in-class digital platform built to scale as quickly as you need. Our convenient. easy-to-use anytime, anywhere services are available via mobile devices, computers/IP devices, bedside monitors, TVs, Cisco endpoints, even kiosks. Our advantages include:

Bedside Patient Communications

Patient communications

Care team updates, schedules, treatments, diagnoses, appointments, nutrition/food services, language services, and much more.

Educational Video

Educational videos

Bedside content including videos prescribed within the hospital’s EMR/EHR system.

Hospital Entertainment


TV, movies, and other hospital-supplied content.

On-Demand Telehealth

On-demand telehealth

Telehealth including multi-party video visits with remote clinicians, family, and friends.



Digitized workflows that help end hospital stays on a high note.

Protection for your team

Keep communications wide open with your isolated patients without jeopardizing your staff.

Remote collaboration

Teams can work faster and more productively when providing remote services and connecting with others outside of the organization. Their smiles will say it all.