Telehealth and patient engagement that create a truly connected experience.

What connected care looks like

To meet the demands of COVID-19 and the growing expectations of patients, you need a digital care suite that's as attentive to detail as you are. Look no further.


Let's be honest: technology isn't always easy or dependable. And any time you and a patient fail to connect, it negatively impacts your organization. Enter self-tests. Patients can test their devices and connect to a virtual visit before it starts, while you receive a notification that the visit will be successful. That's less time your providers will spend showing up for an appointment that ... never happens.

Add participants

Have you ever wanted to talk to another clinician on the fly? Has a patient ever wanted to add a loved one to a visit? How about an interpreter to provide translations? Now you can. Simply send an email or text link to immediately add outsiders to a fully-informed, multi-party experience. One less need for scheduling.

Save files directly to EHR

Instantly add new files, images, or test results to a patient's medical file. Anything shared in the chat panel during a telehealth visit can be sent directly to your medical system with the touch of a button. All within the app. Done.

HD video and Cisco Endpoints

If you think a webcam is sharp, wait until you see this. Image quality is a given when you're powered by the world's largest video network. But with Cisco Endpoints, enjoy control capabilities like never before. See how remote far-end camera functions like pan, tilt, and zoom enable more targeted patient evaluations. Leave no stone left unturned – all from a distance.

Image annotations

Create, edit, and store images seamlessly within the app. Using ExtendedCare's built-in drawing capability, apply notes and annotations directly to an image on screen. Then save it directly to your EHR. How's that for capturing detail?

Remote video snapshot

Is the patient unable to take a snapshot of their symptom being discussed? No worries. Simply capture an image remotely. And if you're using Cisco Endpoints, enjoy unmatched image quality and even greater control by zeroing in on the affected area with precision and clarity via pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.


Share your screen or view others' screens, so long as permission is granted. A convenient way to exchange key points of information about medical conditions, diagnoses, treatment plans, and more.

Record meeting

Recording your telehealth sessions is push-button easy. This can come in handy as a way to track your progress, maintain a log of medical activity, and replay previous sessions to refresh your memory or extract key information needed in the future.

More features, more value


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