Because better telehealth and patient engagement start with better technology.

Telehealth: Just click and go

Telehealth meets IT convenience. Deploy easy. Manage even easier. Turn on what you need from dozens of pre-configured features – just select and click. Let your stakeholders enjoy a fully configurable experience – department to department, user to user, room to room. Change your configuration on the fly. Relax knowing you've got the wind at your back with the world's most robust and secure collaboration partner – Cisco.


No one likes dropped connections. So reduce them by ensuring your patient's device is connected before a virtual visit. Meanwhile, notify your providers that the visit will be successful. This reduces the time your providers spend on no-shows and unsuccessful connections. Don't wait. Start moving towards perfection.

Swift integrations

Integrate with EHR and other systems quickly and easily. Deploy telehealth within your environment fast. System agnostic, we can integrate with any health system or environment via web services. And we're always ready to customize solutions tailored exclusively to your needs.

Secure and confidential

Relax knowing your telehealth interactions are Cisco-strong – secure, safe, and confidential. Includes HIPAA, ISO 27001, and GDPR compliance; HITRUST certification; end-to-end encryption. Avoid the breaches and other security-related issues that have been creating unfortunate headlines for some of our competitors.

HD video with Cisco Endpoints

Sometimes, you simply need the quality and immersive expertience of HD video. That's what you get when you join the world's largest video and collaboration network. With Cisco Endpoints like DX, SX, Roomkit, and other devices, your users can unlock video controls that make a webcam look like a relic of the past.

Real-time workflows

Anything shared via chat can be sent to a patient's chart. And your providers can annotate images with our built-in drawing capability. A patient's record can be richly and securely enhanced in real-time, providing a seamless information flow into your EHR. These real-time streamlined workflows will make your IT team look like heros – even when we've done all the work!

Device assignments

Do your power users need more than a browser or mobile device to keep up with all of their telehealth appointments? You can associate specific in-facility monitors and other devices with departments, wards, floors, providers, or rooms. Everywhere your clinicians go, they'll have a list of all the devices available to them to conduct a video visit. They'll appreciate the convenience and video quality.

Reporting and Auditing

Check your adoption rates with encounter reports – how many video visits were conducted last week? Stay on top of the telehealth service with system reports. Confirm who is having trouble connecting to a visit before it starts with self-test reports.

Cloud or on-premise

How you deploy is entirely up to you. Whether it's cloud or on-premise, we'll get you up and running quickly. With Cisco's legendary reliability, security, and scalability.

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